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About Bulbrite Bulbs

Shopping for bulbs at LightingDirect.com is now easier than ever. Bulbrite is a leading choice in bulb manufacturing, and now you can look through our extensive collection here at LightingDirect.com. Not sure what kind of bulb you need? Here is our guide for purchasing Bulbrite bulbs.

Energy Efficient Bulbrite OptionsBulbrite 770194-25 LED Bulb

Bulbrite Halogen - One of the latest energy efficient light bulb options today is the halogen bulb. Originally used for architectural uses and automotive uses, the halogen bulb emits brighter lumens than many other options. One of the best features of the eco-friendly halogen is that they are available in the common bulb shapes unlike many other options, such as the CFL or LED. A popular Bulbrite Halogen bulb is the Bulbrite 115152; the A19 halogen bulb looks like your standard incandescent but lasts longer and uses less energy.

Bulbrite LED - The best choice in energy efficiency and overall cost savings are LED light bulbs. They last the longest, use the least amount of energy, and lowest operating cost compared to other options out there. Many people are deterred from the overall initial cost; however, LEDs save you the most money in long run. Check out the selection of Bulbrite LEDs here at LightingDirect.com today! Not sure which one to choose? The Bulbrite LED Holiday collection is rather popular.

Bulbrite 509118-6 CF18T2/SD CFL BulbBulbrite CFL - For the best compromise in initial cost, energy efficiency, and overall cost, CFL bulbs (compact fluorescent bulbs) are your best bet. You will save more money than the average bulb in a multitude of ways and feel better about the upfront costs. Make a smarter lighting choice and upgrade your bulbs to save you money. Bulbrite CFLs are convenient in their easy install option; not all of them require the 4 pin system anymore. For instance, the Bulbrite 509118-6 is a great CFL choice.

Bulbrite Dimmable - Maybe your home is equipped with many dimmer switches? Then consider the selection of Bulbrite dimmable bulbs. You can go through the list of bulb types to fit your lighting needs. Note incandescents and halogens are fully dimmable; however, CFLs and LEDs are only dimmable by approximately 10% to 20% less. Our most popular dimmable bulb is the Bulbrite 610251-10, which is a halogen light recommend for a chandelier.

These are just a selection of Bulbrite options available here at LightingDirect.com. For the entire selection of bulbs from Bulbrite, then please click here.

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