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About Chandeliers:

If you're searching for a lighting fixture for your home that's versatile, can be decorative or functional, and can provide ample light for a living space, then you're looking for a chandelier. Chandeliers can be mounted in virtually any room in the home, they vary wildly in size, and can provide enough illumination to act as a primary light source.

Kichler 42212 Stella Chandelier

When scoping out a possible chandelier for your home, make sure you get the correct size. You'll need to know how powerful your new chandelier needs to be in terms of wattage, and you can do that using basic arithmetic. Find the dimensions of the room you wish to place the chandelier in. Multiply the length of the room by its width, and then multiply that number by 1.5 for the amount of wattage you need.

For example, take a room that measures 12 feet by 16 feet. Multiply 12 x 16 and you get 192. Multiply 192 by 1.5 and you get 288. You'll need a chandelier that's at least 288 watts. This means an 8-light chandelier using 40-watt bulbs would provide 320 watts, which is plenty.

Another reason to choose just the right chandelier for any room is if your living space requires up lighting or down lighting. Up lighting chandeliers usually feature shades that open at the top to direct light up toward the ceiling. This is ideal for a great room, entry way or another large room where you'd like to have light spread throughout the room.

Down lighting chandeliers offer a different illumination. Down lighting chandeliers are designed with shades that aim light downward in a smaller and narrower space. These are typically smaller chandeliers to begin with, and offer a type of focused lighting.

Quoizel DH5005 Duchess Chandelier

Then there are chandeliers that don't include shades at all. These are sometimes called "candeliers," or candle chandeliers, and are powered by candelabra light bulbs. These bulbs are designed to simulate candles and imitate the appearance of the original chandeliers, complete with the wax dripping down the sides of the candles.

Chandeliers typically feature anywhere from one tier to four tiers—although carries chandeliers with up to 17 tiers. Chandeliers that feature a single tier are called mini chandeliers. Mini chandeliers are popular options for a number of applications, including dining rooms, kitchen nooks, bedrooms, and larger bathrooms.

Chandeliers are available in a wide range of themes, from traditional and rustic chandeliers to transitional and wrought iron chandeliers. Perhaps the most popular theme is the contemporary chandelier, which can feature architectural elements, clean lines, and a minimalistic approach.

Another popular style of light for the home is the crystal chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are designed with glass or crystal prisms to illuminate a room with refracted light. As an original symbol of luxury and socio-economic status, the availability and price of crystal chandeliers are at a place that's available to a very wide audience.

When you're ready to add some beauty and versatility to any living space in your home, be sure to shop for the best selection of chandeliers anywhere.

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