Lanscape Lighting Basics


  • Landscapes and yards of all sizes can be illuminated effectively
  • Illuminating your landscape can be cost effective
  • Designing your yard to look fabulous at night can be fairly simple
  • Benefits range from safety to security to aesthetic beauty
  • Increase home value with having both day and night curb appeal




  • Well-lit front and back yards provide greater visual capabilities
  • Help reduce the leering of on-lookers
  • Keep your home illuminated for family and guests


  • Illuminate uneven walkways and steps for added safety
  • Protects against potential liability from unseen objects
  • Helps visitors reach your home safely


What do you want to light?

  • Examine your yard at night; where do you need more light?
  • Sketch your yard and where you need the light
  • Start with walkways and other functional or transitional areas
  • Consider the type of lighting you need – path lights, deck lights, accent lights or flood lights

What other extras do you want from lighting?

  • Consider the aesthetic options for lighting your home at night
  • How can you illuminate a tree or silhouette a tree on the side of your house
  • Draw attention to each hedge that lines your driveway
  • Landscape lighting goes beyond safety and security and can be artistically placed


Walkways and Driveways

  • Path lights
  • Pole lights
  • Hanging path lights

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Silhouetting, spot lighting, grazing of textured surfacesArtistic Landscape Lighting Example

  • Accent lights
  • Spot lights
  • Flood lights
  • Tree or wall mounted lights

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Up-lighting through trees, out of a well or a out of a pond

  • Pond light
  • Submersible underwater lights

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Task light for decks and patios

  • Rail mount
  • Column mount
  • Step lights

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Lights for a covered patio or gazebo

  • Hanging light
  • Hanging planter light
  • Other outdoor lighting

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  • transformerAdd the total wattage of all fixtures
  • The transformer must be equal to or higher than the total watts
  • Decide where you want to install the transformer
  • Install transformer near a power source and as close to the lights as possible
  • Consider a photocell for a dusk to dawn lighting option
  • Consider a timer so you do not have to worry about turning the lights on or off
  • Note that in-ground transformer exist for a more hidden application

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