Recessed Lighting Layout Basics

Recessed Lighting Basics

Recessed Trim Type Options

Down Light TrimDirectional TrimWall Washer Trim

Down Light – Use for general illumination.

Directional – Use for spot lighting or task lighting. These are either recessed or extend out and move like an "eye ball."

Wall Washer – Use for directional light, where the trim covers half of the lighted area.

Shower TrimSloped Ceiling TrimDecorative Trim

Shower Light – UL-listed for wet to be installed in a shower. Make sure you use the correct gaskets and follow manufacturer's notes.

Sloped Ceiling – Use for sloped ceilings.

Decorative – Incorporates additional design than the typical recessed light trim.

Pinhole TrimBeauty Spot TrimPendant Trim

Pinhole Fixture – Use for spot lighting where focused light control is desired.

Beauty Spots – Decorative glass shade used with a recessed housing and creates a unique light pattern.

Pendant – Looks like a ceiling pendant fixture but uses the installation methods of recessed lighting.

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Housing Features to Consider New Construction Recessed Housing

The installation type of recessed housing is very critical to how you will be installing the fixture. If you already have a ceiling and are looking to add recessed lighting, then you will need remodel recessed housing. If you are incorporating recessed lighting into a new ceiling, then you will need new construction housing.Remodel Recessed Housing

You will also need to pick the correct rated housing type. If the housing may come into contact with insulation, then you will need IC-rated housing. If there is no chance that the housing will come into contact with insulation, then you will not need IC-rated housing.

Recessed Lighting Layout ExampleBeauty Spot Recessed Design

Recessed Lighting Design Considerations

Trim Size – for smaller rooms 4 inch trims should be sufficient. For larger rooms, consider trims from 5 inches to 8 inches.

Spacing – here is a general guideline to help you space your recessed lighting:

8 foot ceilings: 3 feet apart

10 foot ceilings: 4 feet apart

12 foot ceilings: 5 feet apart

Layout – remember to determine your use for including recessed lighting. Is it to draw attention to wall art, to add additional task lighting to your kitchen, or to add a dramatic effect using a pinhole fixture. Guide your design and layout based upon the use you need from the recessed light fixture. This will help guide your layout and design efforts.

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