Track System Parts

  • Track Heads – supplies the light and mounts near the track
  • Pendants – supplies the light; similar to a pendant, but mounts on a track rather than to a ceiling canopy
  • Rail or track – how the light source connects to the power source
  • Transformer – supplies power to the track system; most track lights can be converted into a plug-in ready system.
  • Track Kits – these are when manufacturers put together all the necessary parts. This is the easiest track system set up


Line vs Low Voltage

  • Low voltage can still emit the same brightness of a 120V fixture.
  • Typically low voltage track bulbs are twice as bright as a regular incandescent bulb at the same wattage.
  • Low voltage track fixtures can be placed on line voltage track by using a track connector with a transformer.
  • Note for Low Voltage systems – a transformer with a wattage rating equal to or greater than the total watts used on the system is required. Example: Five 50-watt pendants in a system will require no less than a 250-watt transformer.

Track System Overview

Use this to help choose which system you need. Still not sure, below we fully explain all systems.


WAC Lighting

Tech Lighting

120v Line

Basic Track

Tech Track

12v Line


Monorail, 2-Circuit Monorail, Kable Lite

Which System is Right for Me?

Basic Track KitTrack Light System

  • Most user friendly
  • Installed directly to ceiling with screws
  • May be dropped using suspensions
  • Slide fixture onto track and add end caps
  • Uses power feed—i.e. a floating canopy connector or live end connector

Monorail Track

  • Suspended by standoffs every 30 to 36 inches
  • Ceiling-mounted power feed canopy is one standoff
  • Height must be uniform for system
  • Adjustable and rigid standoffs allow up to 8 feet of custom track height adjustment
  • Power extenders are used with longer ceiling drips to extend power to system

Suspended Monorail

  • Hand-bendable to make the style and shape you want
  • 90 degree flexible connectors
  • End caps supplied with rail for a finished look

Two-Circuit Monorail

  • Two tracks in one system
  • Can separate fixtures onto separate switchesTrack Lights with Pendants
  • Example: track system with pendants and spot lights can be assigned to separate circuits to switch on light fixture of your choice

Tech Track

  • Look and design of monorail
  • Uses larger 120 fixtures
  • Hand-bendable line voltage system
  • Requires power feed standoff
  • Low voltage fixtures may be installed to the system using a transformer track adaptor
  • Cannot be mounted flush to the ceiling

Kable Lite

  • Look like floating lights
  • Unique system featuring parallel low-voltage cables designed to disappear
  • Cables are tightened between 2 rigid surfaces using anchors and turnbuckles
  • Can a span a distance up to 20 feet without additional support
  • Create turns and change directions at any angle
  • Suspend the fixture wall-to-wall or on any ceiling

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Track Systems Power

Powering Method

  • Power feeds should be installed near the installation site and typically cover up the junction box
  • Flexible cable power feeds supply power to the junction box that may be further away
  • Most track systems may be converted into a plug in outlet
Surface Mount Transformer

Transformer Details

  • Power feed with built-in transformer or surface transformer mount directly to the ceiling and are typically apart of a canopy
  • Remote transformer has the power feed away from the installation source. Typically, these systems are suspended or the junction box is not near the installation site.
Remote Power Feed and Transformer

Designing Track System Layouts

  • Draw a layout of your desired track layout for the room it will be installed.
  • Choose the system based upon the application you decide.
  • Choose your lights and location on the system.
  • Determine the total feet of track in the system and add up the wattage.
  • Choose between track heads and pendants or a combination of them both.
  • Note: Remember that each manufacturer is different. We have a great customer service center for by calling (800)375-3410. We highly recommend that you consult an electrician when installing track lighting.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Track Lighting

1. Limit to number of lights on a track system?

  • Yes
  • 1 light per 1 foot of track
  • Line voltage limit to 1900 watts
  • Low voltage needs a transformer and no more than 300 watts
  • Multiple low-voltage systems installed together with separate power supplies
  • Dual feed transformer can increase wattage to 600 from a single power source

2. Can you mix and match different manufacturer's systems?

  • No
  • Manufacturers make their systems to match with only their own lighting parts


Featured Track Kits

  • WAC Lighting LM-K592

    WAC Lighting LM-K592

    4 Light Low Voltage Solorail Track System Kit with Track Pendants

    Our Price: $450.00
  • Progress Lighting P6163WB

    Progress Lighting P6163WB

    Directional Series Four-Light Fully Adjustable MR-16 Bullet-Back Wall or Ceiling Light Bar

    Our Price: $185.94 - $189.09

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