Ceiling Fan Buyer Guide


  • Great energy saving addition to any room
  • Can reduce energy costs by up to 40%
  • Use during the Summer and the Winter
  • In Summer, wind chill affect reduces temperature up to 7 degrees
  • In Winter, recirculates hot air trapped up top
  • Use ceiling fans to reduce heating and cooling energy costs


Ceiling Fan

Motor Size (MM)

  • 153 x 10mm: Light Duty
  • 172 x 14mm: Medium Performance
  • 188 x 22mm: High Performance
  • 212 x 25mm: Super High Performance

CFM – Cubic feet per minute
This is the measure of total airflow that the fan produces usually at top speed

RPM – Revolutions per minute
This is the number of times the fan rotates in 1 minute. It will vary depending on speed.

Blade Pitch – Angle of blades
Fans are always pitched at the most efficient degree for all fans. A higher pitch requires a stronger motor and therefore moves more air.

Amps – The amount of electrical current fan uses
Wired controllers can only handle what amp rating it has (a 3 amp controller can control 3-1 amp fans).

SCA – Sloped ceiling adaptor
Note: Most fans are compatible up to 30 degrees. A sloped ceiling adaptor will typically increase this for greater ceiling slopes.

LCA – Low ceiling adaptor
Note: Any fan with an up-light kit can not be low ceiling mounted.

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Indoor Ceiling FansIndoor Ceiling FanOutdoor Ceiling Fan

  • Use can install any style fan indoors
  • Choose from both the indoor and outdoor selections
  • No UL-listing required

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Outdoor Ceiling Fans

  • Many outdoor-themed fan styles avaliable
  • Requires a UL-listing of damp or wet
  • This is a great option for outdoor living spaces

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Hand-held remote

Wall Mount

  • Hardwired like a light switch or use batteries
  • Transmit operation signals to fan's receiver
  • Choose from both the indoor and outdoor selections
  • No UL-listing required


  • Sometimes hooks to wall mount
  • Convenient option
  • Great for high ceiling fans
  • Great for fans where the pull chain is unreachable

Some fans include a remote and/or a wall control. These will be mentioned in the product description and are selectable as a "narrow by" while browsing all of our fans.

Multi-fan controls have a higher amp rating and will be labeled as 2 Fan, 3 Fan, etc.

Note: Never use a light dimmer to control a ceiling fan. This will cause damage to your fan motor and components. If the fan Includes a light kit this can be put on a dimmer and or fan speed / dimmer combo (fluorescent bulbs are not dimmable).

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EPACT Energy Policy

This Energy Policy Act requires all fans to be reversible with separate light and fan controls. Lights on fans may not use medium base bulbs. (Emerson now sells frosted and clear intermediate base bulbs 40w and 60w for their fixtures.)


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