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Lamps Overview

Lamps are one of the most versatile and dynamic forms of home lighting. Lamps can be used on their own as accent pieces or can showcase a cherished piece of art. Thanks to their portability, there’s virtually no shortage to what lamps can illuminate.

Typically, lamps are designed as free-standing light fixtures that incorporate a lampshade to direct the light. Lamps come in two main styles or categories:

    * Table lamps include desk lamps, piano lamps, buffet lamps, reading lamps, and accent lamps.
    * Floor lamps are the tallest lamp (usually 4.5 to 6 feet tall) and incorporate a shade to either direct light up (torch lamp) or down.

Table Lamps:

“Table lamp” is an all-inclusive term and it’s just what it sounds like: you can place one virtually anywhere. If you’re placing a lamp on a table in a high-traffic room, make sure its lampshade emits enough light both up and down.

A desk lamp is designed to focus more light downward and in a wider swath, highlighting what you have across your desk. And a reading lamp is task-oriented, specifically lighting what’s in front of you.

Buffet lamps are typically slightly taller than desk lamps. With that said, you can still place a buffet lamp wherever you want—on a table or desk or on the floor in a corner or against a wall.

The versatility of lamps has led to specialty lamps. The Tiffany lamp is characterized by the distinct stained-glass work on the lamp’s shade, and combines the styling of an antique lamp with the technology of a modern fixture. Meyda Tiffany, Quoizel, Lite Source, and Kichler are leaders in this type of lamp design.

A piano lamp is typically quite small and features a narrow base and wide light source. It can sit either on the base itself or can attach itself via clamp to a piano’s sheet music stand.

And, of course, there are lamps for the brightest lights in our lives: our children. Kids lamps are fun, colorful, whimsical, and still pump out a great amount of light. From dinosaurs and sports to flowers and princesses, there’s a lamp out there for your child.

Floor Lamps:

The floor lamp is the tallest member of the lamp family and is designed to give a living space more light where it needs it. Many floor lamps allow you to adjust the direction of the light, and the amount of light emitted is pretty evenly distributed between top and bottom for a nice, uniform look.

A specific type of floor lamp designed to direct light upward is a torchiere lamp. Also referred to as a torch lamp, it provides optimal light and could possibly act as a room’s main light source—depending, of course, on the room’s size and configuration.

Lamp Shades:

If you have an existing lamp that you’d like to rejuvenate instead of replace, consider giving it a new lampshade. A new lampshade can change up the look and feel of the entire lamp with a huge range of materials, colors, and designs.

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