Ceiling Light Fixtures

Ceiling Lights Defined

Beyond a light which is installed on your ceiling, these types of lights define your home's style and theme. Since you will use these lights on a day to day basis, it is important choose the right one for your room.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing fixture or looking to add a new fixture, we offer a selection meant to make shopping easy.

How to Shop for Ceiling Lights

Not sure what you want or need yet? Here's how others have shopped for ceiling lights. Below we tell you the type of light the fixture will emit, i.e. ambient or direct and up or down lighting, and where these fixtures will look great in your home.

Popular Ceiling Lights

Have You Considered a Kitchen?

Flushmount Ceiling Lights


Lighting Type - Ambient & Down Lighting

Common Rooms - Bedrooms, Hallways & Bathrooms

Have You Considered a Bar Area?

Semi Flushmount Ceiling Lights

Semi Flushmount

Lighting Type - Ambient & Up/Down Lighting

Common Rooms - Bedrooms, Hallways & Foyers

Have You Considered a Sitting Area?



Lighting Type - Direct & Down Lighting

Common Rooms - Kitchens, Dining Rooms & Foyer

Have You Considered a Child's Bedroom?



Lighting Type - Decorative/Ambient & Up/Down Lighting

Common Rooms - Foyer, Dining Room& Over Staircase

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Since recessed lighting requires more planning and more of designing the layout, here is a useful article for answering basic concerns or questions. The guide covers:

  • Recessed Light Components
  • Layout & Design of Recessed Lights
  • Other Considerations

Click here for the recessed lighting guide.

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Track Lighting

Track Lighting

Since track lighting is more complex than the average light fixture, here is a guide to help you build the right set for your home.

  • Track Lighting Components
  • The Track Complexities
  • Other Considerations

Click here for the track lighting guide.

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