About Eglo Lighting:

    Since it's start in 1969, EGLO has continued to establish itself as one of the leading European luminaire manufacturers. From it's beginnings in Austria, to expanding into the German markets in the 1980's, EGLO has been on a persistent path of internationalization.

    Today, EGLO is one of the most successful providers of decorative lighting solutions, worldwide, in the residential space, with more than 50 sales companies worldwide. You can rest assured that EGLO continues to take pride in it's work and is always striving for the best in customer satisfaction.


    EGLO's worldwide subsidiaries are constantly providing them with suggestions and ideas for new products to allow them to keep their finger firmly on the market's pulse. These suggestions are then evaluated by EGLO's skilled development team, joined to ideas, and developed to become a marketable product in collaboration with selected designers.


    EGLO makes very high demands on the quality of both their products and their services. Every stage of the development and production process are closely monitored. Their excellent product quality is guaranteed by expertly trained staff, reliable partnerships with suppliers, and a corporate level quality assurance system. High performance logistics and sales support in our subsidiaries are the self-evident building blocks of our commitment to service.