Legrands assortment of products makes life simply beautiful. It starts with stylish light switches, dimmers, outlets and wall plates that merge an awe-inspiring array of finishes with a wow factor that's easy to get used to. You'll soon discover why legrand makes it a delight to hit the lights.

    About Legrand-

    As the leading provider of products and systems for electrical installations and information networks wherever people live and work, Legrand delivers an unequaled depth and breadth of innovative solutions.

    The adorne Collection:

    You've spent countless hours planning your remodel. Why not extend your new design down to the last detail?

    Legrand Radiant Collection:

    A step above ordinary. The radiant collection adds a touch of class and invigorating design to any room. Stay connected to your space with lighting controls, outlets and home automation that reflect your personal style.

    Put the perfect finishing touches on your home with:

    -Light Switches

    -Light Dimmers

    -Electrical Outlets

    -Wall Plates

    Perfect for Remodels:

    adorne elements fit in existing electrical boxes and require only 15 minutes and a screwdriver to install. It's the perfect Saturday morning project that takes minimal effort, but makes a big impact on your home.

    Each switch, dimmer, or outlet wires the same way as existing electrical products. To install adorne, you simply remove the existing switch, mount adorne's included metal frame to the wall, then pull the wires through the frame and attach them to the device. Then, snap on any adorne wall plate (all of them screwless) and you are done!