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About Savoy House

Savoy House produces some of the most unique and decorative lighting fixtures in the market. Its passion for supplying beautiful and functional lighting is made possible by a diverse collection of artists from around the world. Together, these artists bring classic design and top-notch craftsmanship into beautiful works of art.

Savoy House Designers

  • Karyl Pierce Paxton brings a custom charm that is inspired by the Patinas and old world colors of the French Quarter.
  • Tracy Porter designs are elegant, whimsical, and have a dash of unexpected colors. Her designs add an entirely unexpected and new dimension to Savoy House. Her collections include French Country, Nature Walk, Animal Talk, and Fantasy in Color.
  • Raymond Waites uses the finest domestic and international manufacturing to bring innovative and creative touches to his designs. His signature design is mixing the opulent and the humble to create elegant fixtures that have a timeless look.