Illuminating Atmospheres

The Swarovski Group - World Leaders in Cut Crystal

Amaca defines the contemporary spirit. Organic inspired frames find harmony with up to 400 precision –cut crystals cradled by LED light. The refractions of light are truly captivating.
Nature-inspired and emotive, Apta by Swarovski evokes scenes of tree branches blooming with flowers. Precise cut-outs filled with crystals allow light to pass through, forming intriguing reflections and “light play”.

Blossom shows how crystal can be soft, romantic and organic. It has now become a contemporary classic, sought after around the world. By using LED's the  light source is directly next to the crystals, able to be programmed to flash on and off in sequence – all adding to the magic and romance of Blossom.

Brillet by Swarovski is a minimally-styled table lamp with a delicate trace of crystal. Three unique crystal patterns—Geo, Sunburst, or Swirl—at Brillet’s touch-dimming base interact with light guided by its shade, sparking a dance of reflections. Available in 162 unique combinations created by the choice of crystal pattern, crystal color, finish, and shade, Brillet ensures personalized mood lighting for all environments.
“To become bright white” is the aspiration and definition of these lights from the Candesco collection.  The “light box” concept combines soft linear patterns accented with sparking crystal to create a light that is both functional and full of flair.  Inset LED’s shine from within to showcase the patterns. 
The Casino Royale collection is the perfect marriage of glitz and rock and roll. This collection was designed by Lenny Kravitz as a bold and ultramodern take on the traditional chandelier. Streams of Clear, Jet and Golden Teak Swarovksi crystals flow down through Gloss Black metal box frames with warm Pearl Gold interiors. Ranging from just over two feet to an extraordinary piece nearly 12 feet tall, Casino Royale is a truly monumental achievement and decadent trend setter.

With an inner light that radiates outward, the Circle collection creates a mysterious effect with fixtures that appear to hover, as if by magic. This captivating fixture truly finds itself as the “centerpiece” for contemporary settings.

Crystal Empire is the marriage of silent opulence and innovative class.  Leather takes the stage in this extravagant approach on the classic chandelier, and crystal becomes the sparkling frame in this eye-catching role reversal.
Crystalline Icicles by S.Russell Groves tell stories, each unique to it’s density and basic linear shape.  From evoking an enchanting shimmer, to peering through a curtain of ice, or even admiring radiant, colorfully flickering polar light, Crystalline imparts a purity of nature to your elegant décor.
Let fascination explode with Crystalon. This lustrous creation decodes the DNA of a crystal in a composition of fused crystals and asymmetrical patterns that mimic the elemental base.
Eyris is truly stunning in appearance. The marriage between warm halogen light and opulent ellipses creates a modern and striking look while still creating a soft glow and gentle mood. 
Glyph by Swarovski features sleekly folded metal that encases a bed of brilliant crystal, making a bold and contemporary statement. Intricate metal work mimics the geometric design of the grid underneath where sparkling crystal prisms anchor the trapezoidal design and finish this refinement with truly radiant light.
Madison is ideal for residences and resorts alike. Striking and avant-garde in appearance, the clean lines, characteristic pyramid-cut clear crystal, and excellent functionality allows for a seemless fit into any setting.
Bring substance and prestige into your setting with Mosaix. The asymmetric arrangement of crystal squares is simple, yet refined.  Mosaix offers wall styles and hanging styles to fully immerse your setting, lending substance and prestige to your space.
Understatement with a surprising effect: ReveaLED by Andre Kikoski plays with contrasts and configurable style. Playfully reversing the chandelier’s function, a familiar language of gemoetric forms only shines subtly to the outside – the true light radiates from the inside.
Inspired by the rugged glacial ridges found in northern Finland,  the Sevetti collection by Swarovski features crystals edging each layer of the pendant’s hand worked metal body. Cascades of gleaming jewel chains, tumbling like sand falls frozen in time, accent its boldly sweeping curves giving these fixtures a truly contemporary and purely Swarovski look.
StarLED combines precision-cut crystal and innovative LED technology. With its unique effects, this lighting system creates a special atmosphere in any room adding ambient sparkle. Shimmering crystal united with Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) ensure that the StarLED is economical and easy to maintain and has an extremely long life. Crystal StarLED is available in various versions as a set, each with its own defining light pattern output.
Offered in a variety of sizes and functions, Verve will accentuate your space with character and beauty.  Warm halogen light married with a fusion of precision-cut crystal and contemporary shape gently illuminates a room, while casting vibrant light play on walls and décor.