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Track Lighting

Track Lighting FAQs:

The most flexible of all lighting, Track Lighting allows you to put light right where you need it. The possibilities are truly endless. Not a lighting designer? Not to worry, we also offer kits that have everything needed to create the perfect lighting system without the hassle of choosing all of the components needed. Need the perfect custom track system? Give us a call and one of our knowledgeable track specialists will help you narrow down exactly what you need for your system. We are here to help! 

Q: Why Install a Track Lighting System?

1. Fully customizable indoor lighting you can truly design with.

2. Professional, attractive and extremely functional

3. Fixtures can always be added, removed, replaced, or moved anywhere along track after being initially placed on the systemQ: Is there a limit to how many lights I can have on a track system?

A: Yes, There is a general 1 light per 1 foot of track rule to prevent fixtures from being too cluttered. Line Voltage systems have a limit of around 1900 watts for a single run. Low voltage systems require a transformer and not more than 300 watts (6 - 50 watt fixtures) can be on any single run of track. Multiple low voltage systems can be installed together but must be electrically separated using an isolating connector and the systems must have separate power supplies. a Dual Feed transformer can also be used to increase the total wattage to 600 (300 watts in 2 directions) from a single power source.

Q: Do you have any outdoor track lighting?

A: We currently do not carry any track lighting for wet or damp locations. You can achieve the best lighting outdoors by using low voltage landscape lighting

Q: Can you mix and match fixtures on different systems?

A: Typically manufacturers will only make lights that will fit their systems. For example, a Tech Monorail pendant will NOT install on a WAC Monorail system or vice versa. WAC Lighting, however, does make track and fixtures compatible with Halo (H-Track), Lightolier (L-Track) and Juno (J-Track) Brands* 

*Lightingdirect does not sell nor is affiliated with Halo, Lightolier, or Juno brands.