Safest Place to Shop Online

When shopping on the Internet, the security of your information can be of paramount importance. does more to protect your information. 

Encrypted Checkout


All of our checkout process is 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypted and can be verified with GoDaddy.

Even after the transaction, we re-encrypt your sensitive information so it is not lingering around.

System Testing


Proactive, not reactive: We don't wait for a hacker event to "happen" and then tighten security. We use Trust Guard to randomly and continually test our systems with the most current type of hacker attacks. We go the extra mile to protect your information.

Industry Standards


Our systems have been certified to adhere to the VISA CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program) and the more stringent SANS Institute (Sysadmin, Audit, Network, Security) certifications.
Call Center


We host our own in-house call center to help with questions, taking your order and any service requests. Our product specialists have been trained by our different brands to understand the products that we sell. Even if we don't have the immediate answer to your question - we will find it, direct from the manufacturer.


Call us Toll-Free - (800) 375-3410

Check After the Sale


Even after a order is recorded, it is still checked and assessed for fraud risk. Risk sales are flagged and held pending a LIVE person checking with you to ensure this sale is valid and can be let through. Once we have your confirmed assent and the information is verified correct, the flagged order is released and resumed.

Third-Party Business Reviews partners with BizRate, a third-party website that offers customer reviews and ratings for web merchants. All customers have the opportunity to review and give feedback on their shopping expereince and order fulfillment. Reviews and responses are reviewed and addressed daily by call specialists and management to ensure the best in customer service.

Readily Available


We are here, not in India, Taiwan or another out-sourced call center. Located in Chico, California, we offer a fully trained call center to assist in customer questions, concerns and service. We can be contacted by any means: Phone, fax, email, web-request, live chat, written and readily respond to all inquiries. Visit our Customer Service center for details.